Transportation Change Request

Transportation changes can be a written note.

Please include the following:

  • Date of change

  • Child's first and Last name

  • Teacher's Name

  • Regular Transportation

  • Change to how they are going home for that day (Walker, Car Rider, Route/Bus #____, or Daycare.

  • Permanent change if needed.

All transportation changes should be made through the front office. You may also notify the main office at 570-6400 before 2:00 p.m. of any transportation change for the day. We will not change a child's routine without a note or call from the parent. Children do well with consistency. Changing their daily routine can be tough on some. We appreciate limited changes.

Please do not email or fax notes without making a call to confirm it was received.

Definitions of Pickup Locations and Traffic Flow Map


Car Riders/Parent Drive Through: Enter the south entrance by the marquee to pick up or drop off students that are designated for Car Rider. To help with the flow of traffic, place a window hanger with your child's name and grade level on the passenger side dash visible for staff to have your child ready for pick up.

Walkers, Bike Riders: The front entrance is for walkers, bike riders. *If you choose to meet your child, parents will wait across the crosswalk under the trees. (Make sure that you are on time, there will be no supervision after 3:05 p.m. )

Bus Riders/Daycare Vans: The North entrance on Crystal Falls Parkway is for buses, daycare vans and faculty ONLY.

YMCA: Students will go to the cafeteria.

Teacher Wall: Pleasant Hill Faculty ONLY children will go the library.

To verify bus number you may go to the following link: or call the transportation department at 512-570-0700.

Traffic Flow Map

Car Rider Sign